Saturday, August 20, 2011

what i've been doing.... like a tom coleman workshop.

one of my more recent creations... i really like it


Soooooo Tom Coleman is kinda the coolest person ever. This past week, I went to a workshop he was giving at Fire House Pottery in Ojai. The focus was on soda firing and, of course, porcelain. Tom's clay is fantastic, and watching him work with it was sooo sooo cool. The most internist parts for me were watching how he decorates/ alters, and talking to him about what he thinks about pottery today. I'd always been curious about what he thought of how many peoples pottery is basically a replication of his, Steven Hill's, and Matt Long's wok. Well no duh, he hates it. He blames himself and Steven Hill for it mostly though. It seems as though he's fine with copying while someone is learning basic moves, but wishes people would then take the techniques and change them to be their own. One of the biggest culprits? Crystal matt. It was a glaze he developed for cone five oxidation, and then moved up to cone 10. Steven Hill got a hold of it and started giving workshop on it and all the over glaze combos. Next thing you know, every one on earth is using it and all the pottery is looking preeety darn similar. This, and the other things people copy, causes all sorts of problems for professional potters. Why can't people just use their own ideas?! ah well... I won't rant any more. check out some pics.

i think this was about 3/4 into a 40lb platter

tongue and groove demo

O, I've been doing a lot of giant ink things too. My girlfriend and I are working
on some giant ink and water color things... I'll post on that soon

home made massive horse hair brush. A good thing.


da soda kiln

the middle one is mine!!! :)

one of pieces. Tom calls this form a rim bowl.... really fun shape to make

another one of my pieces

my piece on the right, next to one of tom's!
O!! I also got a bison trimming tool!! best. tool. ever.

i've been listening to a bazilion different songs recently but lemme try to narrow it down...

truth- alexander

valerie- mark ronson and amie

beggin'- Madcon

What You Know - Two door cenima club

They Call Me- Surreal & the sound providers

freaking everything by iron and wine ( freaking everything is not a song name)

^ but for belle and sebastian

faster- matt nathanson

I need a dollar- aloe blacc

ahh there's more but i should stop

so i will.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Where Have I Been?

Weeeell I've been back in the studio with Joan Dent putting together a lil series of celadon glazed functional pieces. I've also been really busy photographing my work and putting it up on my new etsy site!
Check it out:

If you want to see the pieces from my time with Joan, you'll find them there. I'm still in the ridiculously lengthy process of uploading the pieces so be sure to check back for new things often!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

some night practice

My friend Jamie and I wanted to work on some night lighting techniques tonight. We thought we might as well play with some fire as well because... well.... fire is fun?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Lets suppose a gradient between absolute utility and absolute art: the pure extremes are only in our imagination; human products always incorporate both utility and art in varying mixtures, and no object is conceivable the admixture of both.
-George Kubler, The Shape of Time.

Monday, June 20, 2011

new fancy pictures and an update

Ok, turns out taking pictures with a sheet as a back drop is a terrible idea. Soooo I re took em... I think they look a lot better, dont you?
Aaaaaalso, I'm apprentecing with Joan Dent this summer! I start tomorrow. We're both doing mostly our own work, but we are doing a colaborative project that's going to be sooooo cool!
ya well, let me know how you like these:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Some results from the most recent firing

Lots of altered porcelain with ash glaze... tasty
Honestly, I'm way too tired to write a lot right now, so I'm going to try to let the pieces speak for themselves. Let me know if you like it :)
O, I also figured most people wouldn't care all that much about the dimensions, so I didn't bother measuring anything. However, If you do want to know, I'd be more than happy to find out for you.

reds turned out well

Friday, June 10, 2011

A word of wisdom from Mr. Leach

 “If you try to be good, you look like someone who is trying to be good, and no one very much believes in you”. -Bernard Leach